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What is gifted?

Gifted is a term that is often used to describe people who have intellectual abilities that are significantly higher than the average person, but there are numerous ways people define what it means to be gifted.

Not sure what being gifted really means? Confused why bright creative thinkers might need special resources and support? Here is a quick overview of giftedness, and what it can mean to live with gifted children and adults.
(for Parents)
When parents of gifted children have a strong support system, every one wins. We know how hard it is to find professionals who understand giftedness and how important it is to locate gifted programs for you children that fit your child’s personality and interests.
(for Professionals)
Most training programs for professionals do not include information on how to work with gifted individuals. We have listed programs, books, and professionals who can help you get the support you need to work with your gifted clients.
(for GATE Coordinators)
Need training for teachers? Materials for Parents? Speakers for your meetings or new programming ideas? We have resources! Many of the trainings are low or no cost and can be done online making it easy for districts to form peer support teams.

CGN's Purpose and Mission

The California Gifted Network provides a unique forum to bring together gifted individuals and their families with professionals and organizations who endeavor to meet the social, emotional, educational, and physical needs of gifted and twice-exceptional individuals in California. CGN provides a directory of resources that might be of help to high ability individuals and their families and teachers. Our goal is to create a place where gifted individuals can locate excellent local resources.

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CGN invites professionals with training, experience, and passion for working with gifted individuals to submit an application to be listed on our website as a Gifted Friendly Service Provider.

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